There is something about the way they play when we set them free, let them be and encourage their deepest joys.

Without constant stimulation of their senses the whirlwind of noise and clutter the carved out ideas of what they should like.

STUÜL believes that the endless imagination of a childs mind is everything they need to play and toys only have one true purpose; to expand and nourish their imagination.

STUÜL presents a timeless, wooden capsule toy collection of minimalistic ,functional and yet versitale pieces for children to play with or display as beautiful home decoration.

We are commited to combining sustainable and local production with a simple and clean style which resonates with modern family lifestyle.
All STUÜL products are fairly handcrafted in Barcelona using 100% FSC certified beechwood and treated with homemade beeswax.

All variations in form and finish are due to their handmade nature. There are no two identical pieces.

No paints, no glue.

We like to keep it raw, just like, all things natural.